Sci-Fi & Fantasy Short Stories

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The Nothing by Stephen Mark Rainey

The Nothing - From the Journal of Mike Pflug, Atlanta News. By Stephen Mark Rainey.
no alphabet can spell it, sci fi short stories, sci fi short fiction

No Alphabet Can Spell It by Emily C. Skaftun

No Alphabet Can Spell It by Emily C. Skaftun. Synopsis: The remaining three Fixie astronauts on their
down to the waterline, sci fi short story, keith decandido

Down to the Waterline by Keith R. A. DeCandido

Down to the Waterline by Keith R. A. DeCandido. Down to the Waterline is an urban fantasy.
the hourglass brigade, sci fi short stories

The Hourglass Brigade By Alex Shvartsman

The Hourglass Brigade By Alex Shvartsman. This is a twist on the classic sci-fi tale of time
david price, necrophone, sci fi short story

Necrophone by David Price

Necrophone by David Price. What if an app could allow you to communicate with the dead while
good hunting, ken liu, ken liu short stories, scifi short stories

Good Hunting by Ken Liu

Good Hunting by Ken Liu is a steampunk fantasy tale of individual adaptability and resistance in a

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E.J. Stevens, Author of the Spirit Guide and Ivy Granger series – Interview

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