Alcide Herveaux & Sookie Stackhouse, Supernatural – Super Couple

Alcide Herveaux and Sookie Stackhouse
Supernatural – Super Couple
By June K. Williams

Alcide, Sookie

A new season of True Blood is about to begin and I hope this is the year the writers will open the gates for romance between Alcide and Sookie.

There are many reasons to choose Alcide Herveaux as a beau for Sookie Stackhouse and they do not ALL revolve around him having a pulse. Like most supernaturals Alcide’s mind is not as open to Sookie as that of an ordinary human being. Anybody who has read the Southern Vampire mystery book series knows being assaulted by a guys’ every thought is a real passion killer for a telepath. There are simply thoughts you would

not want to hear before, during or after being intimate with that special someone. While Sookie might pick up a few impressions from him or an occasional stray thought, Alcide’s brain by and large produces something akin to white noise and therefore passes Sookie’s first test for possible romance. That doesn’t explain why they are suited for a long term relationship but a closer examination of their similarities and difference should make that clear.

To begin, they were both born and raised in the southern United States within the last 35 years. In general they have the same frame of reference. They could slow dance to Shania Twain or Faith Hill and it would be perfectly natural. Her other main squeezes spent their adolescent years in the dark ages raping and pillaging or maturing in the South during the slave era {{shudder}}.

Both Alcide and Sookie have strong family bonds and are loyal to both family and friends. The pair grew up around humans. Alcide had family and a pack to protect and instruct him while Sookie just had her Gran who never really explained her Fae heritage to her or her brother Jason. Even so they both had to fit in to normal human society and have to hide their true natures from the humans who were around them.

They both are blue collar/pink collar workers. Sure Alcide is an owner of a family contracting business but he still earns a living with his hands. So OK, being an owner of a business is not exactly the same thing as being an employee but I still don’t see him as being “above” her class-wise. Keep in mind Alcide’s work has made him well off financially speaking AND he does something productive. Unlike Sookie’s other potential mates Alcide does not make his money doing illegal, immoral or shady deals. He is neither cheap nor self-centered and that puts him head and shoulders above the others. He is there for her anytime she needs him. While family is important to him it is not so all consuming that he is unable to make a commitment to her unlike Quinn, (from the book series), the weretiger whose family’s needs ultimately outweigh his love for her. I don’t mean to knock Quinn, he is a decent sort with the sex appeal of Vin Diesel but a girl needs a guy who has room for her in his life and sadly our weretiger is too busy taking care of his sister and his certifiably insane mother in addition to running around the world for his work. Having a baby with Eric or Bill is impossible, with Quinn it is highly unlikely, with Alcide the door is open but in basketball parlance it is not a slam dunk. Alcide and Sookie can both enjoy a sunny day at the beach which is certainly a plus. Sookie doesn’t have to feel like she is cuddling up to a cool wet blanket when she is in Alcide’s arms, and again there is no physical reason for them not to have kids.

They do have their differences.Romance with Alcide does come with a few obstacles. Sookie had to kill Alcide’s old girlfriend Debbie. Yes, it was self defense but Alcide could smell Debbie’s blood over at Sookie’s place. That is quite a turn off even though Debbie was a skank, a cheat and an addict. And when Alcide ended up becoming the head of his pack he was put in a position which will require him to have an Alpha female. Sookie is many things but she is not and will not ever be an Alpha female werewolf. If they married he would still be required to be paired with an Alpha female and frankly neither Alcide nor Sookie are candidates for Big Love. Still I could see them having a long term relationship even if they don’t marry. The question is will the writers see it my way.

By June K. Williams
Alcide Herveaux

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