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Dear Sara,

I’m a huge fan of the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy, both the books and the Peter Jackson films. I saw Ralph Bakshi’s animated film of the first half of the story back in 1978, but I’ve heard rumors that another animated version exists. Is this true? – Laura A.

Dear Laura,

Arthur Rankin Jr. and Jules Bass of the animation company Rankin/Bass made an animated version of THE HOBBIT for television in 1977, featuring Orson Bean as the voice of Bilbo and John Huston as the voice of Gandalf. Skipping over the first two volumes in the RINGS trilogy, Rankin and Bass then made an animated musical version of THE RETURN OF THE KING for television in 1980, with Bean and Huston reprising their roles. This version featured the Orc song (this column swears to you the following is the truth; no one could possibly make this up) “Where There’s a Whip, There’s a Way.”

Lord OF The Rings QuestionIt’s In The Bag,
Sara Bellum, Editor-at-Large Buzzy Mag

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