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Author Interview with R.R. Virdi

Oh, so right now, I have...because I started my career with a love letter to Dresden, I'm trying to write a very Asian Silk Road fantasy love letter to "Name of the Wind" and "Kingkiller" by Patrick Rothfuss because I've always,

Interview with Dr. Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.

Dinosaurs, in particular, are sort of the gateway drug of science, in that, they are a way to hook people and draw people in to learn about other aspects of science, things like basic anatomy, evolution, and how evolution works, functional


“Gosh,” says Cummings. “I’d love people to know that we go on a roller-coaster, both emotionally and physically. It’s far more action-packed than it was last season, but I think that it’s really grounded in this visceral emotionality and exploration of

Gregory Benford Interview – The future is all we have left

  Jean: Hello, this is Jean Marie Ward for Buzzy Magazine. With me today is writer, physicist and winner of the 2019 Heinlein Award, Gregory Benford. Welcome Greg. Gregory: Glad to be here. Je an: We’re so glad to have you.
tricia hefler lucifer


Yes, LUCIFER fits into the genre, but it’s also not what I would typically think of as [genre], coming from BATTLESTAR, [which was] not a space show. So I don’t necessarily look just for genre. I look more about character