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Yes, LUCIFER fits into the genre, but it’s also not what I would typically think of as [genre], coming from BATTLESTAR, [which was] not a space show. So I don’t necessarily look just for genre. I look more about character
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Cute Sharks? 15 Apex Predators You May Feel Compelled to Hug – But Probably Shouldn’t

SHARK WEEK IS HERE! In homage to Shark Week, I have been scouring the internet to find some cute sharks lurking oceans around the world. Here are 15 seemingly huggable sharks that you probably shouldn’t. Cook Cutter Shark Scientific Name: Isistius Brasiliensis

Do Tomatoes Have Supernatural Properties?

Dear Sara, I have heard that tomatoes are believed to have supernatural properties. Really? – Skeptically, Jason L. Dear Jason, Well, in 1590s England, herbalist John Gerard believed tomatoes were poisonous, perhaps due to the fact that it is the fruit/berry

Tinker Statue & Stages Of Writing – Tee Arrivals

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Buzzy News

Buzzy has some news to share. We are currently in the process of creating It will be geared to Sci-Fi & Fantasy short fiction. While we are building the site, we are starting the process of submissions. If you enjoy writing genre fiction…..check out