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Corentin the Divine
by Eric M. Bosarge

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From an interview with Corentin (the Divine) Alamundy. Augury Magazine, September 2012.

Corentin has fierce green eyes and a hardy handshake. We sit on the edge of the Thames River in his favorite café. He dabs a napkin at espresso foam in his neatly trimmed beard as we begin.

Q: So, how did you first discover magic?

A: That’s an interesting way to put it. I suppose the first time was on television, one of Criss Angel’s made-for-television extravaganzas with fireworks and beautiful women. I thought it was a relatively mundane bit of theater, with Angel dancing around in tight slacks like Saturday Night Fever. On this particular episode, a small aircraft was wheeled into the middle of a busy city street, New York, I believe, and after some flapping canvas, the entire airplane disappeared. Thousands of people stood by, awestruck.

Q: One of his most famous stunts.

A: It was practically a miracle. He was hailed as a hero after that, the savior of modern magicians.
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