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Jim Butcher Fan Films Night Light and Red Sun – Meet the Cast & Crew!

Interview - Tower of Turtles Production Company - Makers of the Jim Butcher Fan Films Night Light, Red Sun, and web series Lightbringer Saga.
todd lockwood, the summer dragon, todd lockwood artist, todd lockwood interview

Celebrated Sci Fi & Fantasy Artist Todd Lockwood – Exclusive Interview

Todd Lockwood reveals his motive of "political angst" that lead him to choose this career path, along with his current project, a novel of his own, The Summer Dragon.
john ringo, john ringo interview, john ringo sci fi author, military science fiction authors, military science fiction

John Ringo, Military Sci Fi Author Interview

This personal interview with John Ringo answers questions about his past Zombie novels, current projects, and plans with Monster Hunters.
vampire empire clay susan griffith

Clay and Susan Griffith Interview with

With me today are Clay and Susan Griffith, the authors of the “Vampire Empire Steampunk” series, available in audio from Buzzy Multimedia,
revolution 60,brianna wu, video game designer, spacekat,

Brianna Wu, Founder of Giant Spacekat – Exclusive Interview

Interview with Video Game Developer Brianna Wu. Brianna Wu Founded the revolutionary, primarily female, Video Game design company, Giant Spacekat.