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Timothy Zahn, Star Wars Expanded Universe Author – Interview

Interview with Timothy Zahn, author of 11 Star Wars Expanded Universe novels, 1984 Hugo Award winning novella, Cascade Point, the Blackcollar trilogy, the Cobra series, the Conquerors trilogy, and many shorter works.

Stuart Jaffe and Cameron Francis – Exclusive Interview

Hello this is Jean Marie Ward, for Buzzy Magazine. With me today is Stuart Jaffe, who is both an author and a podcaster, of the Eclectic Review, a weekly half hour podcast. And his good friend and collaborator, Cameron Francis, who

Tom Doyle, Author of The American Craftsman

Interview With Author Tom Doyle JMW: Hello This is Jean Marie Ward from With me today is award winning short story writer and first time novelist Tom Doyle. Welcome Tom. Tom Doyle: Well Thank You for having me. JMW: Our

Alma Katsu, Author of The Taker Trilogy – Exclusive Interview

JMW: Yes, I was going to ask you isn’t it coming out soon? People will be able to know the secret very, very soon. Alma Katsu: Right. You have to hang on for all three books to know the secret, which is,

An Interview with Richard Epcar and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. . . and Richard Epcar, the voices and directing talent behind some of your favorite anime, cartoons, and foreign movies. Welcome.