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Harry Dresden Meets Robert Langdon

Is any sufficiently ancient wisdom indistinguishable from magic. My apologies to Arthur C Clark for the paraphrase, but hopefully I have your curiosity piqued. As the old saying goes - opposites attract, - So perhaps this is the case with two current

Where do you fit in Harry Dresden’s world?

As we all read (or listen) to books, or watch movies, we identify ourselves with characters we find in these mental diversions. Most often the stories are from a main character's point of view and we are supposed to identify with

The Allure of Magic: Something To Consider

magic, wizard, witchcraft, sorcery What is it about magic that draws us in? So many realms, of fiction and fantasy, base themselves in universes where magic is real. We consume these works with voracious appetites, and

Harry Dresden In Hot Water: Physics In The Dresden Files Universe

Having read sci-fi and fantasy all of my life, I am always fascinated when the author goes to such trouble as to try make the work believable rather than just depend upon the suspension of disbelief by the reader. Jim Butcher