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Top 10 Monsters in Horror

What makes a monster? Sure, while sharp teeth, dagger-like claws, and inhuman speed can all up a monster’s scare-level, the truly frightening monsters have something else, too. Some quality that is just a little off, a little unsettling, that bumps them
Fantasy Book Writing

The Top 10 Best Closing Lines in Fantasy

The last line of a book is the final thought a work leaves us with, and often provides even more clues about an author’s themes or a story’s impact. Here are just a few of the closing lines that impressed us.
Author Interviews

Top 10 Buzzy Mag Interviews of 2017

Top 10 Buzzy Mag Interviews of 2017. Sure, narrowing down Buzzy Mag’s dozens of interviews this year to a top 10 list is actually kind of impossible. But what we can do is highlight some of the fascinating and eye-opening interviews
Castle Picture

Top 10 Castle Terms to Know

Sure, you may know a medieval castle has a few towers, a couple bridges, and some convenient gaps to shoot arrows out of—but what actually are the main components of a castle?
Fall Book Releases 2017

The Top 10 Most Buzzworthy Fantasy and Sci Fi Titles for Fall 2017

The Top 10 Most Buzzworthy Fantasy and SciFi Titles for Fall 2017. In the next couple of months, a few major new releases in science fiction and fantasy are coming your way, including some of the titles below, which are