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Top 10 Monsters in Horror

What makes a monster? Sure, while sharp teeth, dagger-like claws, and inhuman speed can all up a monster’s scare-level, the truly frightening monsters have something else, too. Some quality that is just a little off, a little unsettling, that bumps them

The Other Side of East – Beware of Remakes

Japanese live-action remakes remain just as low budget as the originals (if not more so) and target the original audiences. Whether or not they do so successfully is an open question.
Fantasy Book Writing

The Top 10 Best Closing Lines in Fantasy

The last line of a book is the final thought a work leaves us with, and often provides even more clues about an author’s themes or a story’s impact. Here are just a few of the closing lines that impressed us.
The Heart of Animé: Studio Ghibli

The Other Side of East – The Heart of Animé: Studio Ghibli

The Other Side of East - The Heart of Animé: Studio Ghibli. It’s time to talk about Studio Ghibli. It’s been the driving force in Japanese film animation for better than thirty years. Its name has come dangerously close
Hell Girl Anime

The Other Side of East – It’s a Run Around

The animé series in question was The Eccentric Family; it was based on a book by Tomihiko Morimi, and ran from July 7 to September 29 in 2013. It told a complete story from beginning to end, so even though four