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An Interview with Richard Epcar and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. . . and Richard Epcar, the voices and directing talent behind some of your favorite anime, cartoons, and foreign movies. Welcome.

The KingMakers by Clay& Susan Griffith – Free Sound Clip

Listen To A Free Sound Clip From The KingMakers by Clay& Susan Griffith. Narrated by James Marsters. Release Date January 2014

Molly Carpenter of the Dresden Files

Molly Carpenter of the Dresden Files. Making her “Dresden Files” debut in novel five, “Death Masks,” Molly Carpenter is fourteen years old and something of a part-time Goth. When she leaves the house she changes out of her “proper” clothing

Jon St. John – Exclusive Interview

Jon St. John (Voice of Duke Nukem) Exclusive Interview: Jon St. John: My voice acting career actually started with a radio career first, where I was not only a DJ but then a wacky morning character. I did all the character

“Gentleman” Johnny Marcone vs. Tony Soprano

“Gentleman” Johnny Marcone vs. Tony Soprano. Unlike nearly all other mobster cookie-cutter characters, John Marcone is three-dimensional. This I chalk up to Jim Butcher being a phenomenal author; his crime boss not only has a clearly defined character readers can