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The Choices in Changes

I have often said that Harry Dresden is a true hero, he always does the right thing no matter what - it doesnt matter that the heros path is a hard trail to walk, thankless and unrewarding, Harry always tread upon

There are no Muggles in the Dresden-Verse

True, Murphy cannot say a single magical word and set a building ablaze like Harry can, but with a push of a button she can have a SWAT team sweep in and do worse more efficiently. Harry may have saved Murphy

Tavi & The Lord Raglan scale (The Codex Alera)

If you have not read the series and like fantasy books give - Codex Alera - a try, but consider yourself forewarned, Tavi is not Harry and the world of Alera is as far from Chicago as one can get. With

The White Council: aka – the Devil you know

The White Council of The Dresden Files aka – the Devil you know. In The Dresden-verse, the White Council, a.k.a. “the Devil you know” is the ruling body of wizards who oversee and dictate “the law” to practicing wizards. Their main

Harry Dresden Meets Robert Langdon

Is any sufficiently ancient wisdom indistinguishable from magic. My apologies to Arthur C Clark for the paraphrase, but hopefully I have your curiosity piqued. As the old saying goes - opposites attract, - So perhaps this is the case with two current