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The Dresden Files RPG: An Interview With Fred Hicks

An interview with Fred Hicks, co-creator of The Dresden Files RPG. Fred is a super nice guy, snarky and with the patience of Job. He never got tired of my talking over him, but eventually we found a rhythm that

I’m Just Wild About Harry!

Harry Dresden is more than a wizard detective. Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden is a lady's man and I want him to be mine. Here is why:
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Fairies & The Dresden Files Universe

Fairies & The Dresden Files Universe - A look into the Summer and Winter Courts created by Jim Butcher.
Jim Butcher Interview

Jim Butcher Books, Factoids, and an Exclusive Video Interview

A list of Jim Butcher books, some fun factoids, plus a Video Interview about The Dresden Files.
Jim Butcher Interview

Ammoracchius and Fidelacchius – Who should get the Dresden Files Sword

Who should get the swords, Ammoracchius and Fidelacchius, from The Dresden Files? And what are they?