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Why Gamers Make Great Friends

Why Gamers Make Great Friends by Theresa Bane. I am a gamer and have been rolling dice consistently since 1980. Active in the gaming community, married to a game designer, and using a very clever pen name, I also write
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Dice Under Pressure

Dice Dice Baby by Theresa Bane - A while back I did an article called “Dice, Dice, Baby” where I break down all the different types of dice, what they are called, their actual scientific nomenclature, and what I like about

The Qualities of a Good Game Master

The Qualities of a Good Game Master. A Game Master, or GM as they are typically called is the person who runs the game. If you are playing your character and the other people at the table are playing
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Zen and the Art of Character Creation

There is so much more to character creation than breaking out the rule book and filling in some numbers on a character sheet.

Dice Dice Baby – A Gamers Guide To Dice

Dice. Yes, we gamers use dice when we play our table top role-playing games. And we don’t just use any old type of dice either. Our dice come in an array of sizes, shapes, colors and can only be purchased at