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Why Gamers Make Great Friends

Why Gamers Make Great Friends by Theresa Bane. I am a gamer and have been rolling dice consistently since 1980. Active in the gaming community, married to a game designer, and using a very clever pen name, I also write

Dice Under Pressure

Dice Dice Baby by Theresa Bane - A while back I did an article called “Dice, Dice, Baby” where I break down all the different types of dice, what they are called, their actual scientific nomenclature, and what I like about

The Qualities of a Good Game Master

There is a world of difference between playing a game and running one. Some people are just not cut out for the job. If your GM got tricked, suckered, or pressured into running the game I promise you that it will

Zen and the Art of Character Creation

If you want to make a character into something special, memorable, and enjoyable rpg, role-playing, gaming, gamer, GM, game master not only for you but for others just remember this one simple rule:

Dice Dice Baby – A Gamers Guide To Dice

Dice. Yes, we gamers use dice when we play our table top role-playing games. And we don't just use any old type of dice either. Our dice come in an array of sizes, shapes, colors and can only be purchased at