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Break-up With Social Media

How Writers can promote their work on Social Media. Julie Butcher offers tips for maximizing the impact of Social Media on a writer's career.
North Korean Hack, sony hack lessons

What Writers Learn from the North Korean Hacks

North Korean Hacks. Email communication between colleagues can sometimes blur between professional and personal. What bridges would your private messages burn? Julie Butcher blogs about the consequences of irresponsible cyber memorandums.
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A Writer’s Holiday Survival Guide – A Blog by Julie Butcher

A Writer’s Holiday Survival Guide. Julie Butcher blogs about the challenges writers face when balancing projects and the holiday season.
how to deal with jrejection, julie butcher, rejection for writers

Rejections, Reviews, and How Not to Die – Guide for Writers

Rejections and Bad Reviews Happen! What to do Next? Julie Butcher blogs about the inevitable rejection that faces all writers. How to cope, recover, and excel.
st patricks day, writers luck, publishing tips, get rich with writing

Writers and Luck – A Julie Butcher St. Patrick’s Day Blog

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Writers! Julie Butcher blogs about how some writers have found wealth and fame, while others will not. Luck?