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The Romantic Bucket List

The Romantic Bucket List - Each person on this planet should experience the magic and wonder of love. If there is a single reason that we’re put on this earth it is to love one another.
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7 Steps to Succeed as a Writer

7 Steps to Succeed as a Writer - But what is success? I can hear some of you saying that making number one on the USA Today Bestseller list would define it. Well, DUH. Of course that would be wonderful—and

A Writer’s Letter to Santa

A Writer’s Letter to Santa: What a writer wants for Christmas isn’t quite the same as what a normal person needs. Since our minds and choice of profession are all twisty-bendy, we need more unusual presents. Stop me if I run
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You Can’t Make Writers Be Thankful

You Can't Make Writers Be Thankful. A Blog by Julie Butcher: Cold blustery weather is keeping the writer’s kids inside of the house. And they, the most reclusive, eclectic, disorganized group of people—ever, will have to venture OUT OF THE HOUSE
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Geek Quiz of Awesome

Geek Quiz of Awesome. #MyGeekScore - The following is your geek quiz. You get 1 point for every geek statement you agree with. You get another point for each time you share this quiz