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Sherlock Holmes Saves Mars – Primer On How Copyright Works For Writers

Anything you wrote after 1978 is protected by copyright for your lifetime plus seventy years. Your money goes to you. Then, after you are dragged screaming into the otherworld, it goes to your children, and maybe even to your grandchildren for
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The Care and Feeding of Writers

Having a writer in your family is a blessing and a curse. The awesome part is that not only can they write the most wonderful excuse notes in the history of the world; they are smart, funny, and a constant source

Why Readers and Writers are the Very Best Kind of People

Why Readers and Writers are the Very Best Kind of People: I can list books I love all day long. I can tell you people who are wonderful and kind and that you should get to know for hours and hours.
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Which Way To Publishing – Self-Publishing vs Traditional Methods

Which Way To Publishing. Self-Publishing vs Traditional Methods
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7 Steps to Succeed as a Writer

7 Steps to Succeed as a Writer - But what is success? I can hear some of you saying that making number one on the USA Today Bestseller list would define it. Well, DUH. Of course that would be wonderful—and