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A Writer’s Letter to Santa

A Writer’s Letter to Santa: What a writer wants for Christmas isn’t quite the same as what a normal person needs. Since our minds and choice of profession are all twisty-bendy, we need more unusual presents. Stop me if I run
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You Can’t Make Writers Be Thankful

You Can't Make Writers Be Thankful. A Blog by Julie Butcher: Cold blustery weather is keeping the writer’s kids inside of the house. And they, the most reclusive, eclectic, disorganized group of people—ever, will have to venture OUT OF THE HOUSE

6 Stone Cold Publishing Facts

6 Stone Cold Publishing Facts - You might have noticed that everyone you know is a writer. They all have ideas for the next great story. Some actually start their book, but most give up before they finish. For every first

No Happily Ever After for Heroes

I imagine that most of the writers I’ve poked at in the above article feel the same way. Do any of you have a favorite science fiction or fantasy series where the ending was just right?

The Big Craptastic Deal about DRM

The Big Craptastic Deal about DRM. First, for those of you who have ignored the internet for the last several months, a brief explanation: DRM is the acronym for Digital Rights Management. They are a set of technologies employed