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Money Talks: Traditional and Self-Publishing Profits

There is information all over the internet telling you that self-publishing is better. “No, wait! Traditional is better.” "Hey! Indie is the only way to go.” For someone who aspires to be a professional writer, as in make a living from
ways to start a story

Heroes Shouldn’t Look In The Mirror Unless They’re An Evil Queen

What we need to know in the first few paragraphs are the same things that your teachers insisted you have in science papers and book reports, the four W’s: Who-Where-When-Why. The entire book is the How but it doesn’t hurt to

How Publishing is Like Your Mother — Not!

Publishing is not trying to make you crazy.. As much as I’d like to deny the fact, as a writer, I’m in the same helpless position I was as a child.

5 Ways To Know if Book Reviews Are Fake

5 Ways To Know if Book Reviews Are Fake. Finding books you’ll love is difficult enough. With the current state of the economy, a lot of us need to pinch our pennies hard enough to make them scream. Unfortunately,
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The Writer’s Work-Out of Doom (and Gloom)

Writing is totally like working out at the gym; at least it is for those with the goal of publication. Before you start a new manuscript, there is moaning, groaning, and general despair that the exercise will soon start. You know