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Sookie Stackhouse’s Man-Style

Sookie Stackhouse's Man-Style. HBO’s True Blood hosts a cast of men that gain access to the leading lady’s heart with a blend of supernatural finesse and personality traits that could be found in any women’s ‘relationships-past’ line-up.

Holiday Dinner with a Plethora of Badass

Holiday Dinner with a Plethora of Badass. Seriously guys, Sookie likes tall men, and Harry is tall. Harry loves blond women, and Sookie is blond. They both love to read, and Sookie isn’t addicted to the internet so Harry

What Are Fairies? A Basic Overview of Fairies

What Are Fairies? A Basic Overview of Fairies. To begin, “fairies” is the plural form of the species; the singular of the noun is “fay.” There are a great number of folks who use the word “fey” as a noun,

Alcide Herveaux & Sookie Stackhouse, Supernatural – Super Couple

A new season of True Blood is about to begin and I hope this is the year the writers will open the gates for romance between Alcide and Sookie.

Ode to the Tribble

Ode To The Tribble - Blogs: The final on-line frontier. This is a parody poem in familiar pentameter mocking the Star Trek season two episode entitled “The Trouble with Tribbles.” My mission: to stretch rhyming couplets, to link sci-fi genera ideas