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Molly Carpenter of the Dresden Files

Molly Carpenter of the Dresden Files. Making her “Dresden Files” debut in novel five, “Death Masks,” Molly Carpenter is fourteen years old and something of a part-time Goth. When she leaves the house she changes out of her “proper” clothing

“Gentleman” Johnny Marcone vs. Tony Soprano

“Gentleman” Johnny Marcone vs. Tony Soprano. Unlike nearly all other mobster cookie-cutter characters, John Marcone is three-dimensional. This I chalk up to Jim Butcher being a phenomenal author; his crime boss not only has a clearly defined character readers can

Bob The Skull – Everything You Need To Know About Bob The Skull But Were Too Lazy To Google

Bob The Skull – Everything You Need To Know About Bob The Skull, (Jim Butcher, The Dresden Files), But Were Too Lazy To Google

Cold Days by Jim Butcher – Book Review

Cold Days by Jim Butcher. Cold Days is one plot development after another rolling downhill at you like a snowball. Reserve enough time (and battery life, if you have an e-reader) to finish in one long session. Butcher’s planned a

5 Reasons To Read The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

5 Reasons to Read “The Dresden Files”. Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, being a private detective and needing to work for a living, actually does detective work. Magic is not the answer to his problems but rather a tool he