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The Best Fictional Bars to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

The Best Fictional Bars to Celebrate New Year’s Eve. If only there were a way to pop into a fictional environment. There are a bunch of places I would like to go to, sights to see, and things to

mmmmm…..Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig ... mmmmm. Daniel Craig in the role of James Bond is hott-that’s right “hot” with two t’s. I said it and I gladly own it. Craig is without a doubt an attractive man but when he stepped

An Ode To Cthulhu – Cthulhu Rise! by Theresa Bane

An Ode To Cthulhu. Hibernating in the South Pacific In an underwater city called R’lyeh Surrounded by Deep Ones and Mi-Go One day, Cthulhu will rise!

What Are Fairies? A Basic Overview of Fairies

What Are Fairies? A Basic Overview of Fairies. To begin, “fairies” is the plural form of the species; the singular of the noun is “fay.” There are a great number of folks who use the word “fey” as a noun,

Dog People vs. Cat People

Dog People vs. Cat People. No Contest, the Pets Win. There are cat people and there are dog people and seldom do the two mix. True, there are those families who have both and everything is hunky-dory, but