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joseph gilgun interview, preacher show

Joseph Gilgun interview on AMC’s Preacher (Cassidy)

JOE GILGUN “PREACHER” INTERVIEW The social media slander, the comic to tv adaptation and the challenges of playing Cassidy – an alcoholic vampire. By Abbie Bernstein   In AMC’s PREACHER, Joseph Gilgun costars as Cassidy, an alcoholic Irish vampire who literally
christie meierz, scifi author, tales of tolari space

Christie Meierz – Tales of Tolari Space, Author Interview

Author Christie Meierz exclusive interview with Meierz has authored two scifi series’ and has won a PRISM Award in the Futuristic Romance category. JMW: Hello, this is Jean Marie Ward for With me today is bestselling, award-winning author, Christie
charles stross interview, merchant princes, The Laundry Files

Charles Stross: SciFi, Fantasy & Lovecraftian Horror author interview

Charles Stross, award-winning author interview. Merchant Princes & The Laundry Files - The past, present and future of the 12 year series
kelly a harmon, author

Kelly A. Harmon talks Charm City Darkness in Exclusive Interview Author Interview Kelly A. Harmon is the author of the Charm City Darkness series – A Baltimore horror story with a sexy twist. JMW: Hello, this is Jean Marie Ward for With me today is Baltimore author Kelly A.
nancy springer, author

Nancy Springer – Multi Genre Author Exclusive Interview

Exclusive interview with award-winning author Nancy Springer. Nancy has written over 50 novels, including four series in multiple genres.