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The Farthest - PBS - Voyager Golden Record

Jon Lomberg “The Farthest” – Golden Record Spacecraft Voyager

Jon Lomberg - The Farthest – Golden Record Spacecraft Voyager. The Golden Record is a collection of Earth sounds – natural noises, voices, music – designed to be played by any intelligent life forms that may encounter Voyager in
John French Author

John L. French Author Interview – Hard Boiled – Urban Fantasy Fiction

With us tonight is John L. French, writer of hard-boiled mystery, horror, and fantasy. Welcome, John.
Sarah Avery Author Interview

Sarah Avery Interview – Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Author

Sarah Avery Interview. Your mythopoeic award-winning “Tales from Rugosa Coven” is composed of three interlinked novellas. How did that come about?
s.m. stirling, alternate history author, nantucket series

S.M. Stirling – Interview with the Emberverse series author

S.M. Stirling is an Alternate History Author. He is best known for the Draka series and his "Novels of the Change": The "Nantucket" series and "Emberverse" series.

Steven Brust Interview – Best-Selling Author (Taltos Series) and Musician

Steven Burst Interview – Author of The Taltos Fantasy Series JMW: Hello. This Jean Marie Ward from With me today is best-selling author and musician, Steven Brust. Welcome, Steven. Steven Brust: Thank you. JMW: “Dragaera,” the world of Vlad Taltos, has