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walter obrien, scorpion, the real walter obrein

The Real Walter O’Brien from Scorpion – Interview

O'Brien outlines the parallels between his real life as the head of Scorpion Computer Services, and the happenings on CBS' new drama, Scorpion.
katherine kurtz, katherine kurtz author

Katherine Kurtz, author of the Deryni novels – Exclusive Interview

Katherine Kurtz updates fans on her upcoming release (King's Deryni), the future of the series, and personal inspirations that have influenced her writing.
tricia helfer, battle star galactica, ascension

Tricia Helfer “ASCENSION” Interview

Tricia Helfer speaks on SyFy's Ascension. The miniseries follows a group of Pioneers making a 100 year trip through space to Proxima, the nearest inhabitable planet.
Dylan McDermott, Stalker, CBS stalker

Dylan McDermott Interview On “STALKER”

Dylan McDermott at a Q&A for the Television Critics Association. McDermott talks about his role as Jack Larsen on CBS' Stalker.
Professor A.J. Hartley, A.J. Hartley Shakespeare

A. J. Hartley – Author Interview

This is Jean Marie Ward at DragonCon for With me today is A. J. Hartley, best-selling author and professor of Shakespeare.