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tricia hefler lucifer


TRICIA HELFER ON “LUCIFER” And what would Helfer most like people to know about LUCIFER? “What I was really drawn into in the first season is that [Ellis] makes this character that is the Devil so charismatic, and he brings a
mark van name interview

Mark L. Van Name – Jon and Lobo Author Interview

Mark L. Van Name Interview Science Fiction Writer, Technology Consultant, CEO and Spoken-Word Performer JMW: Hello, this is Jean Marie Ward for With me today is award-winning writer, editor, technologist, and spoken-word artist Mark L. Van Name. Welcome, Mark. Mark
designated survivor, kiefer sutherland


KIEFER SUTHERLAND: “DESIGNATED SURVIVOR” A terrorist attack leaves such a large portion of the government dead, that a low-level official named Tom Kirkman (Southerland) is forced to accept a major promotion- President of the United States. By Abbie Bernstein   After
bryan fuller, star trek discovery

Star Trek: Discovery Details Released! Bryan Fuller Interview

Bryand Fuller fills excited fans in on where it fits in the timeline, the Starfleet Ship design, new characters & streaming CBS streaming
michael a ventrella interview, fantasy fiction author

Michael A. Ventrella – Fantasy Fiction Author Interview

Interview with Michael A. Ventrella – Author, Editor and Lawyer A self-proclaimed “Wise Guy,” fantasy fiction author and anthology editor. • His political career & “Bloodsuckers: A Vampire Runs for President” • The 1980s LARP group that inspired his fantasy fiction