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tricia helfer, battle star galactica, ascension

Tricia Helfer “ASCENSION” Interview

Tricia Helfer speaks on SyFy's Ascension. The miniseries follows a group of Pioneers making a 100 year trip through space to Proxima, the nearest inhabitable planet.
Dylan McDermott, Stalker, CBS stalker

Dylan McDermott Interview On “STALKER”

Dylan McDermott at a Q&A for the Television Critics Association. McDermott talks about his role as Jack Larsen on CBS' Stalker.
two and a half men, jon cryer, alan two and a half men

Jon Cryer Interview on the Final Season of Two and a Half Men

Exclusive Interview: Jon Cryer speaks about season 12 of Two and a Half Men, his upcoming tell-all, and what's next for his 30-year career.
The Chair, Starz film competition Series, Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto Interview on The Chair

Zachary Quinto interviews about his new show The Chair, airing on Starz. Two teams of film makers are given $600,000 each to create two different films with the same screen play.
David Tennant, Gracepoint, Gracepoint Cast


David Tennant speaks on his role as Detective Emmett Carver on Fox's new crime series, Gracepoint, premiering October 2nd, 2014.