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Alan Tudyk POWERLESS and ROGUE ONE interview

Alan Tudyk on DC Comic's first ever sitcom comedy, NBC's Powerless - his role as Batman's cousin and Rouge One - the future of K-2S0
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Amazon’s Sneaky Pete Interview with star, Giovanni Ribisi and actor/producer, Bryan Cranston The casting of Giovanni Ribisi Cranston’s character Vince, vs Walter White Cranston’s impressive one-shot monologues Ribisi on playing the different sides of Marius Cranston’s take on playing a character
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Jason Ralph – Behind the scenes of SyFy’s The Magicians + Finger Tutting?

Interview with Jason Ralph on The Magicians A dissection of his character, Quentin Coldwater, “finger-tutting”, and what could happen to the series when the trilogy is complete. Interview by Abbie Bernstein   Based on Lev Grossman’s trilogy of fantasy novels, THE
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Richard Armitage on “BERLIN STATION” – Interview

Richard Armitage Berlin Station Interview - His past thriller roles, becoming Daniel Miller, and what it's like to be working in Germany.
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Yes, LUCIFER fits into the genre, but it’s also not what I would typically think of as [genre], coming from BATTLESTAR, [which was] not a space show. So I don’t necessarily look just for genre. I look more about character