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Elijah Wood “WILFRED” Interview

Elijah Wood stars in the half-hour dark comedy WILFRED, which airs on FX Thursdays at 10 PM. The show could hardly be more different than LORD OF THE RINGS, but there is a Down Under connection in both. Pretty much everyone

Russell T. Davies & Julie Gardner Interview

At the Television Critics Association press tour, one often winds up interviewing people in hotel lobbies. Such is the case with TORCHWOOD creator/executive producer Russell T. Davies and his producing partner Julie Gardner.

Forest Whitaker Interview

In person, Oscar winner Forest Whitaker turns out to be a number of things. He has a powerful physical presence, though he is much leaner these days than he was in some of the roles hes best known for, including his
nelsen ellis interview passed away

Nelsan Ellis Interview

Nelsan Ellis Interview, LaFayette Reynolds: HBO True Blood - Initially, Ellis says, Lafayettes longevity came as a surprise to him, as he was familiar with the character’s fate in the books.