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bryan fuller, star trek discovery

Star Trek: Discovery Details Released! Bryan Fuller Interview

Bryand Fuller fills excited fans in on where it fits in the timeline, the Starfleet Ship design, new characters & streaming CBS streaming
joseph gilgun interview, preacher show

Joseph Gilgun interview on AMC’s Preacher (Cassidy)

JOE GILGUN “PREACHER” INTERVIEW The social media slander, the comic to tv adaptation and the challenges of playing Cassidy – an alcoholic vampire. By Abbie Bernstein   In AMC’s PREACHER, Joseph Gilgun costars as Cassidy, an alcoholic Irish vampire who literally
bryan cranston lbj, bryan cranston all the way

From The Meth Lab to The White House – Bryan Cranston on “All the Way” as LBJ

Interview: Bryan Cranston on similarities between his role as Walter White on Breaking Bad & new role as Lyndon B. Johnson on All The Way
wallander dvd, watch wallander online

Kenneth Branagh EXCLUSIVE Interview on PBS “Wallander”

PBS’ Masterpiece Theatre  brings the U.S. “Wallander” on May 8th In celebration, series’ star and producer, Kenneth Branagh (Harry Potter), gives us insight into the show, unexpected ties to “Thor” and why Romeo & Juliet was the perfect piece to run
david giuntoli interview, grimm

GRIMM Celebrates its 100th Episode – What David Giuntoli has to say

David Giuntoli responds to critics who never thought Grimm would see success, as the series is now in its 5th season & reaches 100 episodes.