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anna kashina, anna kashina author, majat code

Anna Kashina, Award Winning Author of “The Guild of Assassins” – Interview

Anna Kashina Interview with Buzzy Mag! Anna is a Microbiologist by day and the award-winning author of "The Majat Code" series by night.
john g. hartness, john g hartness books, best urban fantasy books

John G Hartness – Urban Fantasy Author Interview

John G Hartness - Interview with Urban Fantasy Author, Poker Player, and host of the ridiculous & hysterical podcast "Literate Liquors."
michelle belanger, psychic interview, interview with paranormal expert

Michelle Belanger, Author & Psychic – Exclusive Inteview

Michelle Belanger is an American author, singer and prominent advocate of the vampire lifestyle community, a self-described "psychic vampire".
john ringo, john ringo interview, john ringo sci fi author, military science fiction authors, military science fiction

John Ringo, Military Sci Fi Author Interview

This personal interview with John Ringo answers questions about his past Zombie novels, current projects, and plans with Monster Hunters.
vampire empire clay susan griffith

Clay and Susan Griffith Interview with

With me today are Clay and Susan Griffith, the authors of the “Vampire Empire Steampunk” series, available in audio from Buzzy Multimedia,