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dr anthony francis, skindancer series

Interview with Anthony Francis, Ph.D. – Skindancer Series

Interview: Dr. Anthony Francis details his thought process in creating the Skindancer series, as well as his upcoming steampunk series.
s.j. harper, jeanne c. stein, samantha sommersby

A Fallen Siren – Interview with S.J. Harper

Samantha and Jeanne collaborated under the pseudonym S.J. Harper when writing the Fallen Siren novels - An Urban Fantasy series following former mythological Sirens turned FBI agents who are cursed by the Gods and bound to earth.
katherine kurtz, katherine kurtz author

Katherine Kurtz, author of the Deryni novels – Exclusive Interview

Katherine Kurtz updates fans on her upcoming release (King's Deryni), the future of the series, and personal inspirations that have influenced her writing.
Professor A.J. Hartley, A.J. Hartley Shakespeare

A. J. Hartley – Author Interview

This is Jean Marie Ward at DragonCon for With me today is A. J. Hartley, best-selling author and professor of Shakespeare.
kat richardson, greywalker series

Greywalker Author, Kat Richardson – Exclusive Interview

Kat Richardson Interview. Greywalker Author sits down with's Jean Marie Ward at DragonCon 2014 in Atlanta, GA.