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Carole Nelson Douglas Interview

Carole Nelson Douglas- Author Interview

Carole Nelson Douglas Video Interview, Author of The Delilah Street Paranormal Mysteries. With us today is Carole Nelson Douglas, the author of 58 novels of science fiction, fantasy, and mystery, including 4 novels in the “Delilah Street, Paranormal Investigator” series and
Jana Oliver Author Interview

Jana Oliver Interview

Jana Oliver Interview. If you want to know what people are really thinking, check out the Young Adult section of a brick-and-mortar or virtual bookstore. Sparkly angst occupies a very small percentage of the whole. The most-talked-about titles tackle the big
vampire empire clay susan griffith

Clay and Susan Griffith – Author Interview – The Greyfriar

If you like vampires with your steampunk, The Greyfriar, Book One of the Vampire Empire, is 2011s must-read. Set in an alternate world where vampires swept across the northern latitudes of Europe and the Americas in 1870, The Greyfriar serves up
Rachel Caine Interview - Author

An Interview With Author Rachel Caine

An interview with author Rachel Caine. The Morganville Vampires is an interesting case, because I was in the middle of the Weather Warden series, and my publisher came to me and said they were launching a new young adult line
Sharon Lee - Steve - Miller Interview - Liaden Universe

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller Video Interview

Lee & Miller Interview Part 1. Guide To Liad and Korval