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ada palmer, ada palmer interview, ada palmer anime

Anime Expert ADA PALMER – Exclusive Interview

Interview with Ada Palmer Ada Palmer is a historian, an author of science fiction and fantasy, and a composer. She teaches in the History Department at the University of Chicago. JMW: Hello, this is Jean Marie Ward for With me
TARA BUTTERS, MICHELE FAZEKAS, agent carter, agent carter producers

Interview – Agent Carter Executive Producers Tara Butters & Michele Fazekas

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: TARA BUTTERS & MICHELE FAZEKAS ON “AGENT CARTER”. Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas on Producing Agent Carter and Agents of Shield
thom trulove, house of diggs, independent film producers

Interview with House of Diggs Producer Thom Truelove

Thom Trulove is a producer with the independent film company, House of Diggs. He is also Co-Founder of Psychic Wing R&D, specializing in Video Production, Marketing Strategy, Technical Consulting and Editing.
walter obrien, scorpion, the real walter obrein

The Real Walter O’Brien from Scorpion – Interview

O'Brien outlines the parallels between his real life as the head of Scorpion Computer Services, and the happenings on CBS' new drama, Scorpion.
bill prady, the big bang theory, television writer

Series co-creator Bill Prady on THE BIG BANG THEORY

Bill Prady is a television writer and producer. This interview centers around his work as the Co-Creator of The Big Bang Theory.