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An Interview with Richard Epcar and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. . . and Richard Epcar, the voices and directing talent behind some of your favorite anime, cartoons, and foreign movies. Welcome.

Co-Creator of Orphan Black, Graeme Manson – Exclusive Interview

Orphan Black Creator, Graeme Manson Exclusive Interview - How many seasons does that big picture encompass? “Well, we conceived of a three-season arc, but we believe that that end point either elastic enough to push down the road or maybe do

Laura Anne Gilman – Author of The Cosa Nostradamus Series – Interview

But I got a lot of people saying, “But we want more Cosa of Nostradamus novels.” So I Kickstarted two novellas featuring Danny Hendricksen, who is the half-faun, half-human private investigator. “Miles to Go” and “Promises to Keep” were the two

Jonas Pate from Believe – Exclusive Interview

Jonas Pate, Show Runner from Believe - Interview: On NBC’s BELIEVE, a little girl named Bo, played by Johnny Sequoyah, has telekinetic abilities now and will have the power to change the world someday – if she’s not killed or captured

The Address – A Ken Burns Documentary

The Address - A Ken Burns Documentary about The Gettysburg Address. As he explains, it wasn’t an overabundance of spare time that led him to make THE ADDRESS, but rather passion for the subject matter. The film, which premieres on PBS