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Alex Shvartsman (Writer, Game Designer, Translator) - Exclusive Interview: When I first started writing fiction, I never imagined myself to be a humorous author. I never pictured myself writing humor of any kind, let alone wacky science fiction stories. I

Elektra Hammond (Buzzy Author and Editor) – Exclusive Interview

Interview with Buzzy Author and Editor, Elektra Hammond: The first one is called ‘The Ministry of Extraordinary Weapons‘. It’s a steam punk shared world that was invented by C.J. Henderson. I’m discovering that shared world is somewhat difficult to put together.

Roberto Orci from Sleepy Hollow – EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Roberto Orci from Sleepy Hollow - Exclusive Interview: Orci, Kurtzman along with fellow executive producer Mark Goffman, directing executive producer Len Wiseman, supervising producer Iscove and lead actors Mison, Beharie, Jones and Katia Winter, who plays Ichabod’s wife Katrina, are all

Keanu Reeves & Justin Szlasa on “Side By Side”

Keanu Reeves & Justin Szlasa on "Side By Side". Pretty much everyone in Western civilization knows who Keanu Reeves is as an actor, but fewer know that he’s a filmmaker. As a director, he’s completed the narrative feature MAN OF

Jonah Knight – Exclusive Interview

Jonah Knight Exclusive Interview : JMW: Hello, this is Jean Marie Ward for Buzzy Magazine. With me today is paranormal modern folk singer, Jonah Knight, one of the guests of honor here at Madicon in Harrisonburg, Virginia.