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Shark Week 2012 – An Interview With Brooke Runnette, Discovery Channel’s Director of Special Projects

Shark Week 2012 - An Interview With: Brooke Runnette, Discovery Channel’s Director of Special ProjectsSharks! Got your attention, right? Some people love them, some people are terrified by them, a lot of people feel both ways simultaneously, but there are few

Alan Ball – True Blood Interview

Several TRUE BLOOD facts have been reported lately. One is that the HBO series, based on Charlaine Harris’ novels about what happens when vampires make themselves known to the general populace, has been renewed for a fifth season. Another is that

Behind The Scenes of a Sci-Fi & Fantasy Book Publisher

A video tour of Tor/Forge Books. A behind the scences look at the Home of Tor in Manhattans Flat Iron Building.

Chris Claremont Interview – Former Marvel Comics Editorial Director

Former Marvel Comics editorial director and X-Men scribe Chris Caremont proves there’s life after superheroes, and shares his secrets for keeping readers and fans coming back for more.

The Angel Effect – An Interview with Dr. Jerry Linenger

DR. JERRY LINENGER ON NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC EXPLORER’S THE ANGEL EFFECT By Abbie Bernstein Retired NASA astronaut Dr. Jerry Linenger is waiting for the panel on National Geographic Channel’s EXPLORER series to begin. Linenger is scheduled to take the stage with journalist