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I’m Still Here by A. T. Greenblatt

I’m Still Here by A. T. Greenblatt. As I stare down the barrel of my grandfather’s old rifle, I wonder if I’ve ever had any luck at all. The damn thing wasn’t even supposed to work anymore, but the gaping

Crypt Of The Abernathys by Matthew T Acheson

Crypt Of The Abernathys by Matthew Acheson. “In the Desert Kingdoms, they say to keep your friends close and your purse full. I don’t recall the last time I was blessed with a heavy purse, but for the price

Something You Don’t Want To Find By by Annie Neugebauer

Something You Don’t Want To Find By by Annie Neugebauer. Chris recognized their noises in the darkness of her room. The soft shifting of a plastic bag in the closet, the dry rustle of a piece of loose notebook paper,

Reggie by Jason Dextradeur

Reggie by Jason Dextradeur. My parents are Fallen Angels. Take a moment to let that sink in. That’s right; my parents chose to fight against God and were cast out of heaven along with Lucifer and all the others. I’ve known

The Composer By Grant Grogan

The Composer By Grant Grogan. A heart-shaped vise tightened in Heather’s chest as she walked the overgrown stone pathway. It was not so long ago that she was sneaking down this same path under a starlit sky, shoes in hand,