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Rats Will Run by Marina J. Lostetter

Rats Will Run by Marina J. Lostetter. Synopsis: “Rats Will Run” is a science fiction story that takes place on a desolate world in an isolated research facility. Are the researchers dealing with an advanced case of cabin fever

Smart TV by Bradley Katzen

A Science Fiction Short Story. Set in a futuristic society obsessed with only the latest technological products, ‘Smart TV‘ is a cautionary tale about Trevor, an ambitious programmer working for a corporation that specializes in cutting edge consumer equipment. On the
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The Perfect Match by Ken Liu – A Dystopian Near-Future Tale

Synopsis: “The Perfect Match” is a near-future dystopian tale about ubiquitous corporate surveillance and the efforts of a few individuals to thwart the panopticon. "Sai woke to the rousing first movement of Vivaldi’s violin concerto in C minor,

Last Days Of The Gunslinger, John Amos

Last Days Of The Gunslinger John Amos by Eric J. Guignard. In younger days, John Amos matched shot against other men for a bounty or a bottle, and he tried not to think of such times he was called

Synchronicity by Paul Levinson

Synchronicity by Paul Levinson. A Science Fiction Short Story. It’s been this way all of my life. Like when I was in high school, and we’d be reading our homework assignments out loud, and some kid would stand