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I’m Still Here by A. T. Greenblatt

I’m Still Here by A. T. Greenblatt. As I stare down the barrel of my grandfather’s old rifle, I wonder if I’ve ever had any luck at all. The damn thing wasn’t even supposed to work anymore, but the gaping

Ride-Along by Jared Oliver Adams

Ride-Along by Jared Oliver Adams. The website made the whole thing sound so easy. A short outpatient procedure, with very little real surgery involved. You go in, get your ride-along installed, and walk out a better man. But they didn’t

Limited Artificial Intelligence by Ann Dulhanty

Limited Artificial Intelligence by Ann Dulhanty. The car made a throat-clearing noise and said, “An emergency management meeting has been called for 9 am tomorrow morning. Your attendance is mandatory.” “Why?” Jerome said. “I have not been sent the agenda.” Jerome slammed his

Fugue for Forgetfulness By Ronald D. Ferguson

Fugue for Forgetfulness By Ronald D. Ferguson. The first injection is easy, a hodgepodge cocktail to soften my genes, to make my DNA pliable for the nano incursion. The needle stings, and the IV marches the tiny engineers into my

Arkbod by Sean Patrick Hannifin

Arkbod by Sean Patrick Hannifin. Congratulations on your purchase of an Arkbod Server 9000. We know you will be pleased with your new best friend. From now on, you will always be in good company and you will always be