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Album by Tom Olbert

Album by Tom Olbert. Steve Gallagher choked back the vomit rising in his throat as he looked down at the emaciated female corpse on the floor. That dead thing was Marie Cianci? The babe with the sparkling brown eyes

Caregiver by Bruce Golden

Caregiver by Bruce Golden. It moved with even certainty through the labyrinth, down long, dim corridors fed by uniform passageways, each artery branching out to its own finality. It passed row after row, cluster upon cluster of marginalized cubicles, adroitly

Callie’s Song by Gary K. Shepherd

Callie’s Song by Gary K. Shepherd. Callie walked forward into the lights and saw the thousands of silent, expectant faces turn toward her. For a moment, she felt pure panic, for the sight had awoken in her the memory

Common Time by Bruce Golden

Common Time by Bruce Golden. Ignoring the pain, as another barbed branch reminded him of the wound in his thigh, he scanned the foliage and listened to the distant but crisp sounds of battle. Through a break in the

Shadow Transit by Ferrett Steinmetz

Shadow Transit by Ferrett Steinmetz. Last night’s blizzard had choked the roads, leaving the cabinet factory short-handed for the Friday shift. So Michelle’s boss had called to give her a choice: she could come in for an emergency shift today