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The Farm by George Right

The Farm by George Right. The leisurely sunset of the July day washed the valley with gold, filling the world with bright saturated colors like a 1950s film; the rare ruffled clouds in the west simply glowed high in the

Reformed by Michael Haynes

Reformed by Michael Haynes. Marshall churned away on an elliptical machine at his gym. His attention wandered from the news during a commercial and he noticed a woman running on a treadmill across the room. He only saw her in profile,

And Down Will Come Baby, Madmen And All by By Damien Walters Grintalis

And Down Will Come Baby, Madmen And All, By Damien Walters Grintalis. Ellie stared down at the catalog on her desk and grimaced. Blue eyes? No, Seth’s were brown; hers, although enhanced for vibrance, were naturally green. Blue,

Extra Credit by Paul Levinson

Extra Credit by Paul Levinson. Jon slammed the piece of mail on the table, knocking off a buttered half of bagel in the process. It teetered on its edge on the floor for a moment, then fell down squarely

The Endocrine Tyranny By D.J. Cockburn

The Endocrine Tyranny D.J. Cockburn. It took almost as much courage to slide back the bolt he’d crudely installed as to open the door. Mary turned her head to look at him and he looked back at the five-foot-two,