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Something To Be Tamed by KJ Kabza

Something To Be Tamed by KJ Kabza. Science Fiction Short Story. Four Allarchians locomoted slowly across the neighboring backyard, dragging a tarp between them. I watched them through the biggest crack in the fence. A naked man

Levels by Rik Hunik

Levels by Rik Hunik - Joshua bounced up the two concrete steps and pulled open the door to the office of the seedy motel. “This is my first locked-room murder,” he said, holding the door. “Mine too,” Frank growled at his rookie

Litany of Hope by Phyllis Irene Radford

Litany Of Hope by Irene Radford - My life has evolved in ways I never could imagine. Now I must live the life of a fugitive. This is the first day of my new life. It did not begin today. It
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Calling Home By Jeffrey Wilson

Calling Home by Jeffrey Wilson. A Sc-Fi Story. It wasn’t the heat this time; it was the friggin’ sand. Those first couple of weeks the heat bothered him the most– no question. This place felt less than a mile
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A Stolen Bicycle by Abbie Bernstein

A Stolen Bicycle by Abbie Bernstein - Gwen was not in the habit of asking people if they were crazy when she first met them, but she made an exception for the man standing on her porch in the rising dusk.