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Sustenance by Bradley Robert Parks

Sustenance by Bradley Robert Parks. This urban fantasy story introduces the reader to Harlan Powers, a supernatural investigator who advertises his services on Craigslist. Cleaning out spirits from attics and garages isn’t all that exciting..most of the time. For Harlan,

Cineplex by M. M. DeVoe

Cineplex by M. M. DeVoe. It’s depressing, being a demigod. It’s not just the places that waver in and out of existence; you can’t rely on the people either, and because I’m only half, these abilities come and go—but when

I’m Sure We Have It Here Somewhere by Joanna Horrocks

I'm Sure We Have It Here Somewhere by Joanna Horrocks. (An Urban Fantasy Story) Ah, good morning. How nice to see you! Of course, we’re open. Please, come in. Don’t worry, he won’t bite you. Lift his leg, perhaps. What kind of place
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In Memory Of Jonathan Wyatt by Jessica Alden – An Urban Fantasy Story

In Memory of Jonathan Wyatt is an urban fantasy story is about a young boy who discovers a way of uncovering anyone’s deepest and darkest secrets. While fleecing all sorts of people he learns a costly lesson about greed, power
urban fantasy short story

A Game Of Brinkmanship At Copper Beach by H.L. Fullerton

A Game Of Brinkmanship At Copper Beach by H.L. Fullerton. It takes Marvin Zenski six months and nineteen days to gain an eighth of an inch. In his younger years, he could’ve done this in his sleep. Two days,