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Shattered by Davyne DeSye

Shattered by Davyne Desy. Come in, come in, and welcome! See something you like? Looking for anything in particular? Oh, no problem, no problem. Just look, and let me know if I can help with anything.

Unremembered, Unforgotten by Ken Altabef

Unremembered Unforgotten by Ken Altabef. She was surprised to find that even after twenty years of wind and rain, the crimson paint mark remained visible on her front door. Faded and clotted with gray dust, the treble mark persisted, still

A Meek And Thankful Heart by Jeff Somers

A Meek And Thankful Heart by Jeff Somers. The old man should have been cut off an hour ago, but he was obviously well known to the bartenders, as they continued to serve him gimlets despite his increasing inability to

The Tinkerbell Problem by Alex Shvartsman

The Tinkerbell Problem by Alex Shvartsman. Herbert woke up shivering. His mouth was dry, and he had an epic headache, but mostly, he was freezing. Stubbornly refusing to open his eyes and face the new day, Herbert felt around for

Double Or Nothing by William Meikle

Double Or Nothing by William Meikle. The shutters rattled loudly against the window frame, and I heard rigging rattle and masts creak on the dock beyond. The wind was an autumn southerly, whistling in over the Sleeping God’s Pizzle, bringing