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Air Guitar by Jared Oliver Adams

Air Guitar by Jared Oliver Adams. Julia’s dad knew magic.. She found out a few weeks after her mom died. She was six and huddled in her mother’s closet, nestling amongst the hanging dresses that still smelled like

To Touch A Unicorn by Angela McGill

To Touch A Unicorn by Angela McGill. The unicorns were the first to arrive. I swear it’s true. On a spring day after a violent thunderstorm, a rainbow appeared, and over it, thousands of unicorns galloped onto my family’s farm.

Dance by Laura Anne Gilman

Dance by Laura Anne Gilman. “It’s a beautiful tree.” Her brother came in from the garage, shaking the snow off his boots and dropping his overnight bag by the door. “It is, isn’t it?” Mara was feeling decidedly pleased with

Forgotten Gifts by Andrew Jack

Forgotten Gifts by Andrew Jack. The man in the red suit tightened his black belt another notch. He was going to have to punch some new holes in it soon. He was no longer fat enough for the uniform.

The Trickster’s Bones by Kenneth Kao

The Tricksters's Bones by Kenneth Kao. We had many adventures over those summer months. I, with the metal detector Dad gave me for my eighth birthday, and Darwin with his big digging claws that could tear through earth better