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The Dreamtime by Amy Sundberg

The Dreamtime by Amy Sundberg. Mariah had never been skilled in the places between, and so her dreams had always been just that: neurons firing to recreate the daily grind of clients, missed appointments, adventures partially based on last night’s action

Odd Jobs by Matthew S. Rotundo

Odd Jobs by Matthew Rotundo. As he stood at the kitchen stove, stirring the spaghetti and keeping an eye on the simmering marinara sauce, Steve Jacobs finally admitted to himself that he was in over his head. He couldn’t hide

The Girl With Dead Flowers in Her Hair By Eric Christ

The Girl With Dead Flowers in Her Hair By Eric Christ. Sergei Nikolsky finished with a grunt and rolled away. As he fumbled with his clothes, Nalya Akhmatova pulled down her dress and buttoned her blouse. She sat up

Bottled Spirits by Pamela Kinney

Bottled Spirits by Pamela Kinney. The trapped souls always cry out loudest at night. During the day, they chime soft, unless heavy winds shriek through the area. But night . . . night has its own set of

Super Deluxe By Melissa Yuan-Innes

Super Deluxe By Melissa Yuan-Innes. I jabbed my spade in the dirt at the base of a purple thistle, swearing madly. A feng shui consultant told me to neaten our front garden in order to keep the White