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the sorcerer's daughter, terry brooks, the defenders of shannara

The Sorcerer’s Daughter by Terry Brooks -Review

The Sorcerer’s Daughter Review The Sorcerer’s Daughter (The Defenders of Shannara, Book 3) Written by: Terry Brooks Published by: Orbit Date published: 24 May 2016 00:00:00.000 ISBN: 978-0-356-50223-6 BROOK NOT THE MEMORIES. I used to like Terry Brooks. I read the
game of thrones show vs books

What Game of Thrones Means to Me

Books vs TV! Success of HBO’s Game of Thrones TV show has overshadowed the book series it’s based on. Is there merit behind this, or should fans give the books a shot before committing solely to the small screen? It was
the paper menagerie and other stories, Ken Liu,review

The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories by Ken Liu – Book Review

REVIEW: The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories. Ken Liu offers variety and displays the far-reaching imagination that has earned him so many accolades.
the devil you know, kj parker

The Devil You Know by K J Parker – Book Review

The Devil You Know (a companion novella of sorts to Downfall of the Gods) is a quick read. Parker’s writing is conversational and her story engaging. The Devil You Know by KJ Parker
Downfall of the Gods review, K J Parker

Downfall of the Gods by K J Parker – Book Review

Downfall of the Gods by KJ Parker Novella that follows a Goddess who has been banned from punishing Lord Archias for killing her favorite musician and her journey to forgiveness Downfall of the Gods 110 Pages Written by: K J Parker