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Downfall of the Gods review, K J Parker

Downfall of the Gods by K J Parker – Book Review

Downfall of the Gods by KJ Parker Novella that follows a Goddess who has been banned from punishing Lord Archias for killing her favorite musician and her journey to forgiveness Downfall of the Gods 110 Pages Written by: K J Parker
Fanny and Dice By Rebecca McFarland Kyle

Fanny and Dice By Rebecca McFarland Kyle – Book Review

Fanny & Dice Book Review. This is one of those times when I feel you should not judge a book by it’s cover..or for that matter it’s title. What lies inside Fanny and Dice is a highly entertaining mix of
new star wars, star wars the force awakens, star wars books

Star Wars Fever! Seen the movies? Read the Books!

With the highly anticipated "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" movie release nearing, fans everywhere are experiencing a contagious STAR WARS FEVER! Finished binge watching all of the Star Wars Movies and want MORE??? I recommend a heavy dose of some great
star wars aftermath, journey to star wars, chuck wendig, star wars books

Aftermath: Star Wars: Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Book Review

Star Wars Aftermath Review. A canon novel by Chuck Wendig revealing what happened after the Episode VI Return of the Jedi Death Star takedown.
dark disciple, star wars dark disciple, star wars novel

Star Wars: Dark Disciple – Book Review

Dark Disciple: Star Wars - Book Review - The story follows Asajj Ventress and fan-favorite Quinlan Vos as they work together to achieve a necessary, yet deplorable goal: the assassination of Count Dooku. The Jedi Council sends Vos on this path,