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Vintage Doctor Who – 1960’s , 1970’s, 1980’s -Part 1

Was Adric really to blame for the show’s decline and cancellation? An examination of the possible causes leading to the cancellation of vintage Doctor Who. Adric. It’s a name that still sends many a diehard Doctor Who fan into paroxysms of
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Adric and the Death of Doctor Who, 1980-1982

Doctor Who Adric - Interactions between the cast, crew and characters determine if the introduction of Adric killed the Doctor Who series.

Orphan Black – Five Reasons Why You Need To Stop Everything and Watch this Show!

Orphan Black - TV Series Review: You’ve heard of Orphan Black, right? If you haven’t, then it’s either because you’re living in a black hole, or because it’s something worth keeping secret and protected before it gets whisked off into the
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Doctor Who Christmas Specials List

Doctor Who Christmas Specials List. Doctor Who is the longest running sci-fi show on television. Unlike many shows in this genre, Doctor Who seems to make a habit of celebrating the season. Since 2005 when Doctor Who was reinvented

K-9: the Unsung Companion to the Doctor!

K-9: The Unsung Companion To Doctor Who!I love Doctor Who. I am, and have been for several years, a big fan of the show, a Whovian if you will. It’s smart, it’s sexy, and it’s passionate. I love that the