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New Fall Genre TV Series – 2011

For fans of genre television series, the fall of 2011 has brought good news. First, there are a wide variety of genre shows that span the spectrum from science fiction to fantasy to horror. Second, even the shows that
What to Watch While Waiting For Game of Thrones

10 Reasons To Watch Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones - While it may not have the depth of the books it is a great adaptation. It is being translated with as much care as Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings and because it is a series

Being Human – American Style

Being Human - Official Review: OK, I’ll admit it; I am not bias-free when it comes to the American version of Being Human. I’ve been watching the original series on BBC America and I’m very fond of George (Russell Tovey), Annie

LOST: When a Good Television Series Goes Bad

Lost - Television Review: Watching the 7th season of Lost is something akin to watching the 3rd Matrix movie or Star Wars The Phantom Menace. I might have compared it to Star Trek Voyager or Star Trek Enterprise but in retrospect

Alice on SyFy..A Review

Alice - Television Review:I am happy to say the SyFy channel’s take is better than I expected. In fact it is so good that I hope Tim Burton’s Alice which is supposed to premier March ‘10 will be nearly as good.