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BBC – Being Human

BBC’s Being Human. What is it that makes us human? Is it love? Empathy? Who decides? “Being Human” is a BBC 3 program and it is absolutely worth watching, especially in its British incarnation. Here’s the breakdown: A vampire

The Prisoner: 21st Century, AMC Mini Series

For those who are unfamiliar with the original series of The Prisoner, there are a few things I should tell you that might be of some help. First, all the inhabitants of the Village have numbers instead of names and none

V, Revisiting the Visitors

The premiere of ABC's remake or as sometimes referred to as the reimagining V, abc V, sci-fi television, science fiction series of V has brought with it a great many faces familiar to science fiction fans.

Eric Northman VS Spike

Being a Vampirologist it is part of my job to keep at Alexander Skarsgard, Eric Northman, True Blood, vampires least half an eye a quarter of the way open and focused on what

LaFayette Reynolds: HBO True Blood

A lagniappe is a little something extra, a gift with purchase, that unexpected bonus that sweetens a transaction. If LaFayette Reynolds doesn't fit that description on HBO's True Blood then I don't know what would. True Blood, HBO, vampire,							<div class= Read More