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Alcide Herveaux & Sookie Stackhouse, Supernatural – Super Couple

Sookie Stackhouse’s Squad of Suitors in HBO’s True Blood

Sookie Stackhouse's Squad of Suitors. Whether you are a fan of “The Southern Vampire” series by author Charlaine Harris, or a newly turned devotee that came into the fold with the start of the True Blood television series one thing

The Three Companions of the 10th Doctor Who

Dr. Who Review - The Three Companions of the 10th Dr. Who : For those of you who have never watched Doctor Who or who haven't watched it since you were a kid, the Doctor's companion is a human who travels

Spock, Leonard Nimoy & the Vulcan Salute

Spock, Leonard Nimoy and the Vulcan Salute By June Williams A friend contacted me recently about a posting found on a popular Star Trek Yahoo group. Someone had posted that Leonard Nimoy developed Vulcan culture based on Leonard's experience of Jewish culture.

The Madness of Gaius Baltar

The Madness of Gaius Baltar
A study of Battlestar Galactica's character that people love to hate Gaius Baltar, BSG, Battlestar Galactica
"Baltar is the crazy black sheep uncle who always comes to Thanksgiving drunk and hits on

Supernatural VS Reality TV

On the other hand, well done TV is something I will go out of my way to schedule time to watch. Supernatural is one of those shows. It has it all, and every week it delivers. Hear me out on this.