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Spoooky Santas – A List of Christmas Horror Films

Christmas Horror Films Have a frightful Christmas… Dear Sara – I really enjoyed last Christmas’ horror movie KRAMPUS. Are there other Christmas horror films out there? Have a holly jolly day, Herbert E. Dear Herbert – You bet. 2015 also saw
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The History of T-Shirts: Where did they come from?

The actual history of t-shirts Who are they? Where did they come from? Dear Sara – I really like Buzzy Multimedia’s line of t-shirts. Historically, when did people start wearing t-shirts? Peace out, Fred J.   Dear Fred – According to
cloverfield and the cabin in the woods

Storyline similarities between Cloverfield and The Cabin in the Woods

Cloverfield and The Cabin in the Woods Both movies were written by Drew Goddard, but are there other connections? Dear Sara – I understand there’s some sort of storyline connection between the movies CLOVERFIELD and THE CABIN IN THE WOODS. They
the exorcist, horror movies that have won awards

The Exorcist Awards and Nominations

Horror Movies are usually left off of the Academy Awards radar The Exorcist’s impressive list of wins and nominations Dear Sara – I keep hearing that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences never acknowledges horror movies, but didn’t THE EXORCIST
the hunted web series

The Hunted – Create your own Horror Flick

The Hunted exploded in popularity with amateur and professional filmmakers creating their own episodes throughout the world.