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Author Interview with R.R. Virdi

Oh, so right now, I have...because I started my career with a love letter to Dresden, I'm trying to write a very Asian Silk Road fantasy love letter to "Name of the Wind" and "Kingkiller" by Patrick Rothfuss because I've always,

Interview with author Elizabeth Bear

  Elizabeth: Hello, Jean Marie. Jean: We’re so glad to have you here. The second volume in your “Lotus Kingdom” saga, “Red-Stained Wings” will be in the stores next week. “Lotus kingdom” is set in the same world as that of


“Gosh,” says Cummings. “I’d love people to know that we go on a roller-coaster, both emotionally and physically. It’s far more action-packed than it was last season, but I think that it’s really grounded in this visceral emotionality and exploration of
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In Merlin, why does the dragon, Kilgharrah, call Merlin a warlock , not a wizard?

In the BBC television series Merlin, why does the dragon Kilgharrah call Merlin a warlock , not a wizard. Isn’t a wizard someone who is wise and magical while a warlock is evil and magical? Kilgharrah was Merlin’s mentor and

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