Chris Claremont Interview – Former Marvel Comics Editorial Director

Former Marvel Comics editorial director and X-Men scribe Chris Claremont proves there’s life after superheroes, and shares his secrets for keeping readers and fans coming back for more.

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Jean Marie Ward
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Jean Marie Ward writes fiction, nonfiction and everything in between, including art books, novels (2008 Indie Book double-finalist With Nine You Get Vanyr), and short stories such as WSFA Small Press Award finalist “Lord Bai’s Discovery” and “Personal Demons” in the award-winning anthology Hellebore and Rue. Her videos include author interviews and tutorials.
Jean Marie Ward
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  • Great hearing this news about Chris and major kudos to him. There are in fact the graphic novel genre that have evolved so quickly over the last year, not to mention online comics and ebooks! There is no end to it as Chris says….now that we have the ability to access things globally via the web. Great interview and thanks so much for posting this. Again, congratulations to him after a much deserved infusion of talent he has given to Marvel of his time.

  • Carol Vogel

    Two thumbs up for a great talent. Thanks for the interview.