Comic Book Movies: BATMAN V. SUPERMAN & Captain America?

Batman v Superman vs Captain America: Civil War

With the influx of new comic book movies flooding the box office, it’s hard to keep track of their differences.

comic book movies, captain america civil war, batman v supermanDear Sara –

Can you explain the differences between BATMAN V. SUPERMAN and CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR?

Yours in solidarity,

Natalie K.


Dear Natalie –

There are many differences, corporate, numeric, and philosophical.
BATMAN V. SUPERMAN comes from Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment; CAPTAIN AMERICA is a product of Disney and Marvel Entertainment. In BvS, there are two main characters in conflict; in CIVIL WAR, despite the lone superhero in the title, there are many protagonists on both sides. Finally, in BvS, Batman objects to the fact that Superman, with his alien superpowers, creates a lot of collateral damage, while Superman maintains his right to fight for the greater good. In a way, this is also the argument at the heart of CIVIL WAR, but this isn’t so much whether aliens and/or the superpowered should ever do anything, but whether or not they should be subjected to government oversight. Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr.), despite his rebellious nature, has come to believe that some outside guidance would be a good thing, while Steve Rogers/Captain America, after a lifetime of being a soldier who obeys orders, now feels that there is too much danger of abuse if someone else is put in charge of their missions. Both sides have their allies.

Sara Bellum

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